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Welcome to the home of the Vanquishers!

The Vanquishers (formerly known as Froncis and the Vanquishers of Evil or 'FATVOE') is a role play and social guild found on the Scarlet Crusade US server.

The Vanquishers are here to destroy evil where ever it may be found and promote justice in our daily lives. We shall protect, help and heal those that request it of us and band together to overcome all we face. All are welcome as we strive to help each other achieve what cannot be done alone!

We welcome everyone with all levels of characters and RP abilities. If you are interested in joining please first read our rules here and then fill out an application.
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05:55 PM
Zykla / Dec 12, 2016

Due to Winter's Veil, this month will be a special three (3) prizes! Thank you all for being apart of the Vanquishers! Check out this page for more information on rules and entry for the guild raffles! Congratulations to our special Winter's Veil ...

Zykla / Dec 09, 2016

IC InformationLocation: Guild Hall (Dandred's Fold) in Hillsbrad FoodhillsVanquishers, I thank you all who were able to attend but understand any who were unable to. Here is summarized information that was missed: Welcome to our new Squires: Zyfo...