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If you have not already read Sylversword's "Rules for Role Play in an Online Game." You should read that first before continuing on this. What she has posted will help you as a role player and are considered part of the main rules. What is posted here is more specific for us as a guild and what is not considered part of the 'general' rules for role play. We do have a 3 strike system and will be enforced. If you continue to break any of these rules. After 3 strikes you will be removed from our guild if not Blacklisted. Most of the rules are pretty calm. If you have any issues with any of the rules, message Zykla in here or in game so we can discuss what you may have an issue with.

  1. Remember the NPCs. This is one of the major points that tends to be broken often. If you have killed guards or are wanted for any reason what so ever you would not been seen sitting around in a bar having a pint. It doesn't make sense. There are plenty of mercenaries that hang around the cities as well as plenty of NPCs who would want to make a quick bag of gold. Make it make sense. This also includes the bartender. If you are constantly picking fights in the bar, he/she may just kick you out. Guards are a threat and aren't weak in the same sense as we would think in raiding. Thinking this is meta-gaming and breaks other parts of the role playing world. Remember that in major cities there are many more guards then are shown walking around, many more citizens, and many more children. Act accordingly. Each little building is someone's home or shop. The idea of actually filling a city like Stormwind with its full amount of citizens would lag the game an enormous amount. Act as if the NPCs are players and are there.
  2. Keep a sense of realism. This is a bit difficult to remember for many as well. Remember that if your character is young, you can't be a specialist in everything. You are not perfect in all aspects. Just because you have maxed reputation, maxed professions, or even maxed level doesn't mean anything in the role playing world. Keep a sense of realism in your story. If you doubt a part, do a bit of research or contact an officer. We are always willing to help and know more WoW lore then we are fully proud to say. It's part of our job to assist. Be realistic in stories and how your character will act. It takes time to grieve over a lost one. It takes time to really fall in love. I know this is a fantasy world where we want to just enjoy ourselves and live, but there are many other people involved. Be realistic in your characters.
  3. Your characters don't all have to be strong. Just because your character is level 1, he/she can be 'powerful' rp wise. Remember the rule on meta-gaming listed in Sylversword's post, but this also works in reverse. Just because you have a maxed level character doesn't mean he/she has to be powerful. If every single member in our guild were the 'strongest' it would get boring. Add some variety to our ranks. Have some who are learning. If you are young, you can grow as a character and be silly. Perhaps you are something simple like a shop owner or you're just a wanderer who is lost in his/her world. You can do so much aside from pure 'strength'. The 'strongest' story gets old. Sometimes it can be fun to sit back with a character who doesn't have major drama and simply have a good time.
  4. Your characters aren't 'all powerful'. If you do have a 'powerful' character, your character must have weaknesses to balance them out. We are NOT stronger then a dungeon boss. If your character were stronger then that the Alliance, Horde, or whomever else would notice and either force you into their army..or kill you off for causing trouble. IF your character is that strong, you better have one long story to back it up. A human obtaining that strength is very difficult to believe if he/she doesn't have a story to back it up. Just because you have maxed professions doesn't make you 'great' at it all. Zykla is a maxed level tailor but I claim she is only 'okay' with patch work. She just knows how to do it. She isn't the best at it. She is also a maxed level first aid, but I claim she only knows enough patch work to help you get through. She isn't a doctor. This falls in the sense of realism. You can't be good at everything. You aren't fully 'powerful'.
  5. Have a balanced Character. If your character is powerful, you better have just as powerful of a weakness. All characters are beatable. Perhaps he/she keeps their weakness close to their heart, but everyone has weaknesses. We have a mage who is a high-borne. She knows magic better then most, but she has the physical strength of a ten year old boy. Zykla is a warrior. She has powerful physical strength and is quite intelligent, but she knows absolutely nothing about anything pertaining to magic. She tends to wish to avoid it due to this. Zykla is a fantastic alchemist, but she knows nothing about blacksmith. The more powerful your character, the more obvious the weakness needs to be. We have another character who is a powerful brute and can kill you by simply grabbing you, but he can't take on more then one person. You grab his attention and a child runs up with a knife, he can be taken down. Have flaws and weaknesses. Zykla may be a very powerful warrior, but she also acts upon her emotions a lot and tends to have a very difficult time thinking on logic. Each character needs character weaknesses and flaws. It just makes for more variety and fun characters.
  6. You are NOT a part of the main story arch involving NPCs. You may claim to have been a solider who took down Arthas. You can also claim to be involved with an NPC who is currently deceased. You may claim to be an NPC's student or in the past were best friends with an NPC, but you are not part of any major story line that is currently going on. Any NPC who is involved in the major story arch's can't be considered part of your story except in your past. We don't know what will happen next.
  7. Keep Role Play fighting realistic. If you are fighting another person in a bar, know the bartender might come kick you out or call a guard. Keep this in mind. Also know who the winner will be BEFORE starting the fight. This will keep the fight shorter then it needs to be and will prevent each of you from lore-breaking or god-modding. If the two of you are at an impasse out of character wise as to who will win the fight, do /roll. Highest winner wins. That is only a suggestion but it's a fare way to decide who will win. If you are the winner, you will not dodge every attack the other throws. Be realistic. You will still win, just think it all through. Allow yourself to be hit. It makes for a better fight.
  8. Don't attention pull. If your character has a gushing wound, don't go to the tavern. Simple as that. This is realistic. We all want attention and really we can't all divide our attention around to everyone. If you want attention to a wound, make it tasteful. Have someone hug you and the wound is sore or limp a little. You can get attention to yourself without the need to stand and yell. Be courteous when the attention is on others as well. Be patient. Everyone will get their chance to be in the spotlight.
  9. If your story involves lore bending, present it to an officer or Zykla for discussion. I know WoW has a lot of holes in its lore. This is understandable that there may be things that can happen that may bend lore a bit without changing the major story going on now. Present your story to myself or an officer. We can help you hash it all out as to what is too much and what is fair. If its in the debatable area, we can present it at the next guild meeting or simply here in the forms to figure out what areas we as a guild should be alright with.
  10. With a lore-bending approved story, don't mention it around other guilds. We are involved with many other guilds and I honestly have no idea what they approve. They do the same with us, though. If you're story is lore-bending. Don't bring it up. Change subject. Dance around the topic. I know many guilds who are lore-bending just as I know many guilds who are super lore picky. None of us wish to deal with what anyone may say or have major issues because of what we allow.
  11. Have a Back story. Being a part of our guild, I do ask you have a back story in place. It doesn’t have to be anything long or amazing. Something as simple as being a farmer in the past. You could have had the happiest childhood. Just something to base your character off of. Here is a link to a character profile sheet you can fill out that may help you along! If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask Zykla or an officer.
  12. This is like improv. Always agree with anther’s story. This goes especially for other guilds involved. If you question another guild's lore-bending, just nod and say 'oh that's interesting' or something along those lines. We should be respectful of what other guilds allow. This goes the same for us. People tend to speak to officers and myself often about stories. We do approve certain things. If something seems like it isn't right, whisper them. Don't call them out in public. It only makes you look like a jerk. They may be able to explain something to you or you can explain something to them. Be polite about it.
  13. Be Polite. I know I have said this many times in previous rules, but it holds true no matter what. Be polite and respectful. If someone is bothering you, message them. If its an obvious role playing troll, ignore them. Don't be rude. Ignore or push them aside. There is no need to be rude about anything no matter how other people act. You don't have to like every person within our guild. It happens. Just be nice. You aren't forced to role play with anyone.
  14. Antagonist have an end. I know this is listed in Sylversword's post, but I wanted to reiterate. All antagonist will be locked up, killed, or some form of end will happen. Period. If you argue this, we may simply blacklist your character for god-modding. Be respectful of other players and know all stories and all antagonist do end. Also, just make sure the length of the story isn't dragging on forever.
  15. There will be no Rape. I know this breaks the part of realism. I know rape exist, but this is a sensitive subject. Those who have been involved in rape should not be forced to endure something similar in character. Its not tasteful or fun for anyone involved. If you want to rape, so be it. I can't stop how anyone role plays, but know that all rape story lines will only be allowed between the two of you involved. Its disgusting. The guild will refuse to be involved period. Antagonist can kidnap, torture, hurt, kill, whatever else..but there will be no actual rape allowed. If it is part of your characters past that is fine, just be realistic about it. Its a terrible thing for someone to go through and I don't want it involved in our guild.
  16. Not all stories need to be major stories. We have had many major stories going on. As a guild we have faced many villains. I am wanting to post more on the guild Wiki for a good reference as well as a post in a forum showing what some of them have done, but all stories don't have to be that way. If you are interested in reading some back story check out the Antagonist of the Vanquishers. Side stories, personal stories, make for great character development and a great way to do something without needing to feel so attention centered.
  17. Keep Tavern Night story free. This is mainly out of respect for the many others there. If you wish to do something story wise on Tavern Nights, keep it away from the even. They do the same for us. They haven’t been around our guild to know what is going on. No fighting, no attention pulling, and no story development allowed on Tavern Night. No exceptions.
  18. Be Inclusive. I do understand if you are doing something to advance some personal story line, but when sitting at a tavern, try to include everyone. Introduce yourself. Talk. We have many guild members and I really do love talking to all of them. So many different personalities and great people. Get to know them yourself or simply their character. Don't exclude anyone. If there is someone there you don't like out of character wise, that's fine. Just be polite and talk to others. I don't want different groups forming under our guild. We are one family. Its fun to play it that way.
  19. Keep Guild Chat PG13. I'm pretty sure all of you know what this means, but please know that I am serious. You may speak, act, and role play how ever you wish outside of guild chat. We have a variety of characters. But in guild chat, keep it to a low level. That means both Out of Character and In character.
  20. We move in real time. This rule is pretty explanatory, but I do wish it to be known. We move in real time. If you lost a loved one, it may take you time. If you are pregnant, you will be pregnant a full 9 months (or so). We will not do any times jumps to suit you. If you have any questions for characters, message me or an officer and we can figure something out.
  21. If you have any issues, let me or an officer know. We can fix any issues we don't know are there. If you have tried to be polite and there is an issue, inside the guild or out, we will help you handle it. We want this to be a free, fun, environment for everyone. Please let us know so we can help.

Thank you for reading these rules. Message me for more information on any of them. Again, please read Sylversword's post on "Rules to Role Play" if you haven’t already. If you have any questions on the rules or feel one needs to be discussed, don't be afraid to message me. I will add on to these rules as needed. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the guild!

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