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((Originally posted by Zykla))

The ranks we currently have in place each have specific powers. This is both in character (IC) and out of character (OOC). Requirements per promotion is necessary but there is always room for everyone to grow both in character and out.

Initiate - This is the lowest rank within the guild and is more of a temporary rank. The character will have little repair options, no access into the guild bank, will not be considered for any prizes or promotions going on within the guild, will not be officially seen in character wise within the guild, and will receive no rewards for the guild. To obtain a promotion to Squire the character must:

  1. Fully fill out the online application into our guild. This is a simply application to get a general idea on your role-playing level and character background. (If you are unsure and have not fully decided n a character background its understandable. Just try your best. We do accept all levels of role-players. I strongly advise that if you are brand new to the role-playing world take the time to read the General Rules of Role-play. This application will not deny you access at all into the guild it simply gives us information.
  2. Participate in the Out of character (OOC) information interview. This is not really an interview it just informs the player what we do try to live up to and how we as a guild role-play. This is short and tends to be topped at around five (5) minutes.
  3. Participate in the in character (IC) interview that requires at least two (2) officers in the room. This can run anywhere between ten (10) to thirty (30) minutes depending on the officers within the room and the character itself.
  4. Pass the minimum waiting trial time period. This is simply a specific set time that I have put into place. I will not state the amount of time to keep some from staying within the guild just for that time. This isn't a long wait time and is just to assure the guild the character isn't there to steal from the bank or funds.

All of these are non-negotiable. If the character has not met the requirements within thirty (30) days the character will be removed. I fully understand real life and other responsibilities come into play. If the player keeps me informed and is showing a real attempt to finish the requirements, I will not remove the character. If you are removed, feel free to reapply when you get the chance.

Squire - This is the lowest official rank of our guild. (For current members this was previously known as 'Trainee' but has since been changed to a more friendly feel for our guild's role-play.) Out of character this rank has very little access for repairs, little access into the guild bank, involved in very little promotions and awards for the guild, involved in very little activity wise, but is fully allowed to all events set by the guild (unless specific ranks aren't allowed). In character this rank will be seen as the 'newbies' or lower ranks of our guild. The Squire is required to respect all members of higher rank (though not accept any abuse). Once the character becomes a Squire, they will be assigned a Mentor from our Mentors. Honor Guards are also considered mentors as well is myself. Requests for a specific mentor will be taken fully into consideration. Once a Mentor is assigned, he/she will teach you the guild's Creed and Virtues as well as assist any new role-players who are within our guild. Plus, always gives the character a role-playing buddy. Upon the next officers meeting or Guild Meeting (whichever happens to be first), the Mentor and character will attend informing the officers or entire guild that they are ready to become a Vanquisher. To become a Vanquisher the character must:

  1. Be fully assessed by the Mentor assigned to the character.
  2. Know the rules set by the guild.
  3. Pass a second short time set period. (Again, this is short but helps keep people from rushing across all our ranks.)
  4. Fill out a very short character bio. (This can be VERY short if you are still fully unsure of character bio.)
  5. Participate in the Raising or Knighting Ceremony (after all, its a party for you!).

Again, all of these requirements are fully non-negotiable. Once the character is a Squire the character will NEVER be removed for inactivity. I fully understand real life is at play here, so don't worry about rushing anything. Its fully understandable.

Vanquisher - (Wears the Guild Tabard to show rank) Once the character has passed his/her ceremony, the character is then fully thought as a Vanquisher. This rank, both in and out of character, has a high amount of respect. The character will have greater access into repairs, higher say in meetings, access into the guild bank, and considered for rewards and promotions into the guild. The character will then have a slight consideration period following his/her ceremony. To be promoted is simple:

  1. Simply attend a Guild Meeting or Officers Meeting (whichever happens to be closest to the characters decision AFTER his/her ceremony).
  2. Inform the Officers or entire guild of the character decision, upon the proper time, as to which branch the character wishes to 'vanquish evil'. A representative will then step forward of that branch and the two will schedule a time of a slight information in what the branch requires and needs.

Selecting a branch rank is only information and mostly for role play purposes. You are fully allowed to stay a Vanquisher for as long as you like/need.

Hospitaller/Lazari/Crossmen - (Wears the Illustrious Guild Tabard to show rank) These ranks are all EQUAL. All three (3) are considered equally necessary, respected, and thought of. All three (3) ranks have higher repair, higher access into the guild bank, have a chance to become a rotating representative of their respected branch, can form MINOR events, is fully considered and respected in the guild, has greater respect in role-playing, has greater say at all meetings, and is fully considered for all rewards and promotions offered by the guild. Each branch has a different type of power:

  • Hospitaller is fully devoted to helping the sick, injured, or weak. They will provide healing and guidance. This rank will be the healers of the group who wish to help in this way. They vanquish evil in the form of sickly, injured, or weak that require a more gentle hand.
  • Lazari are considered the scholars of the guild. They work primarily with diplomatic and strategy within the guild. They are essential in figuring out puzzles, diplomatic issues, or any planning that may be necessary. They vanquish the evil that need a more precise hand.
  • Crossmen are the warriors of the guild. They fight using brute force and a strong hand. They vanquish evil in the most obvious form.

All three are highly respected. This is the highest earned rank within the guild. To be considered to become a representative of the rank, the character must be highly regarded both in and out of character. To be considered for a mentoring rank, the character must apply on the guild website fully understanding the character may be denied for many reasons. All three ranks will work with one another respectfully with no prejudice. None of the ranks have a class requirement. You may be a rogue in the Hospitaller rank, a mage within the Crossmen, or a warrior within the Lazari. It doesn't matter.

Mentor - The Mentoring rank is applied for. The mentors are highly regarded members of our guild and will be most likely representatives of their branches. A note will be placed as to which branch the character has chosen. This rank has full access into the guild bank, repairs, and chances to set events. This rank will be assigned characters of lower ranks to help guide and will accept as many as the character feels comfortable with. They will attend specific officers meeting but is not a fully officer. All opinions will be heard. There are a limited set amount of Mentors that can and will be taken at a time. The character must be highly regarded both in and out of character to even be considered for this rank. An interview (both in and out of character) will happen before the character will know if he/she is considered. Please note that if you are denied a mentoring position, it may have nothing to do with you. Not all applications will be passed.

Honor Guard - (Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to show rank) These are the official officers of the guild. This position is appointment ONLY. The characters are to be fully respected in and out of character. These officers know their perks and responsibilities. If you EVER have any issues with an officer, message Zykla directly for it to be handled. This rank will become open as the guild grows and will only be selected from the Mentoring ranks. All Honor Guards are mentors as well as their other responsibilities.

Second/Harbringer/Praetor - (Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to show rank) This rank is fully my Second in Command. Though the name may change depending on who has the position. This character will run any and all events that Zykla is unable to attend. This rank is appointment ONLY and is chosen from the Honor Guards. This character is to be fully respected and seen as directly under the Guild Leader. If anything is needed and Zykla is unavailable/offline simply ask this rank. He/she is always in charge if Zykla is not there. This character can run all scheduled events, all Knighting Ceremonies, as well as any meetings. For now, this is only a one character position but that may change as the guild grows.

Luminary/Lead Vanquisher - (Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to show rank) Both names apply depending upon what it is going by. This rank is my position and will remain to Zykla as Guild Leader.

All these ranks, promotions, and requirements are fully set in place and will not be negotiated, with minor bending upon character needs. If there are any issues with these, please let Zykla know directly. Know that we cannot know there is anything wrong unless you say. NO ranks will ever deal with any sort of abuse. Always respect every rank, no matter what they may be. We are a guild and a family.
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