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Honor Guard
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When a Squire is ready to be raised to the status of full Vanquisher in the guild, they must go through the following Ceremony. (Please read what is required to do this in this thread if you don't already know.)

Red means the action is to be done in /yell
Purple means you have to do an emote

Requirements: Squire MUST be wearing a white outfit to denote humility (suggestions include the White Woolen Dress or one of the different variations of the Aurora Robe.) This is the squire's responsibility. If the Squire does not show up wearing a white outfit, the ceremony is off as this should not be supplied to them (of their tests). Everyone else should be wearing something nice and their guild tabards. Remember that guild tabards denote rank, regular Vanquishers can only wear the Guild Tabard, higher Vanquishers (Hospitaller, Lazari, Crossmen) wear the Illustrious Guild Tabard and only the Honor Guard and Leader wears the Renowned Guild Tabard. Other Squires and Initiates just need to wear something nice and/or green.

Place: Stormwind Cathedral. The leader of the guild, honor guard and members all file into the Cathedral leaving only the Mentor and Squire to be raised waiting outside.

Inside the leader stands in the back, directly in front of the altar, the honor guard flanking them and the members down either side leaving the middle aisle open.

The Ceremony Script:

Inside one of the Officers yells: "Brother (or Sister) [the mentor's name] wishes to address the Vanquishers. Let him (or her) come forward."

That's the cue for the Squire to enter, he/she enters halfway, stops, bows and says, "Luminary Zykla, Members of the Honor Guard, Brothers and Sisters of the Vanquishers, I come before you today to tell you that our numbers are not complete. There is one who by his (her) deeds and his (her) demeanor has the right to a place in our company, a place he (she) has deserved for quite some time."

Zykla:"Let them enter and present themselves for our review."

The Squire will then come before and kneel before the group.

Zykla: "Who comes before the Vanquishers?"

Squire: "I, [initiate's full name], lay claim to join your hallowed ranks."

Zykla: "By what tokens do you claim membership?”

The Squire will then be allowed to make their claims for their rank.

Zykla: “And who vouches for these things?”

A member of the Vanquishers (preferably a friend or someone they’ve roll played with, someone the initiate has asked to do this part): “I vouch for his (her) heart, for they have guarded my back and come to my aid.”

Zykla: (nod) “Then come [initiate’s full name], come and assume your place among us as a Vanquisher.”

The Squire walks forward to Zykla and is given a regular tabard. The Squire puts it on and turns to face back the way they came.

Zykla: yell “Vanquishers welcome your Brother (or Sister) [initiate’s name]!”

Then everyone retires to bar of choice to celebrate.
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