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Guild Recruitment Rewards are given upon the promotion of a 'Initiate' to 'Squire'. The initiate MUST inform an officer if he/she was sent here by an existing member or an existing member MUST inform an officer if he/she is bringing a new initiate to the guild. If no information is given before the initiate becomes a Squire, no reward will be given. Rewards will be given the day the initiate becomes a Squire. Members must at least be ranked a 'Squire' or higher in order to receive the recruitment reward.

Initiates will be upgraded upon the nearest meeting. Both officer and Guild meetings are monthly and will be held two (2) weeks apart from one another. Please read the Ranking and Promotions forum post in order to understand in detail how to receive a higher rank. Upon upgrade, BOTH the new Squire and the current member who recruited him/her will receive a reward. Newer members receiving a minor upgrade in their 'Welcome Package' while the recruiter will receive a reward of 1,000 gold worth or higher dependent up on the month.

Best of luck to you all and thank you for recruiting!
May the Light guide you.
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