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Name: Ceinwen ferch Dafydd
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hometown: Stormwind
Class: Mage
Profession(s): Inscription, herbalism
Hobbies: Reading, research, dancing
Strengths: Thorough, kind-hearted, hard-working
Weaknesses: Inexperienced, a bit of a gossip
Personal Goals: Visit the Dalaran library
Personality: Friendly, chatty girl who loves to hear about your stories and tell you all of hers (or anyone else’s).
Family Background: Her great-grandparents were landowners in Silverpine, until they had to immigrate to escape encroaching war. They were able to sell the property before things really got bad, and so were able to set up comfortably in Stormwind. The family has done well in the south, and is known around the upper crust of Stormwind--not well, but enough to be invited to the really big parties that all the well-to-do attend.

Biography: Ceinwen was an only child and got all the attention and affection she could want. When she showed aptitude for magic her father managed to pull some strings and get her into the best school in Stormwind. Through hard work and dedication she has gotten into the top-tier program in the school, and her professors frequently entrust her with errands that involve traveling to other towns for research or high-priority supplies.

Physical Description: Blonde, blue eyes, usually smiling.

Role Play Notes: It’s pronounced “KeEEn-wen.”
im in ur dungeon, killin ur pats
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