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Name: Dennis Freemen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hometown: Stormwind
Class: Priest (currently neophyte awaiting his ordination)
Profession(s): Inscription, Engineering

Hobbies: Reading, gardening, horticulture, and research into horticulture and engineering.

Strengths: Good with his hands, mechanically inclined, analytical, perfectionist.

Weaknesses: Idealistic, somewhat gullible, inexperienced, perfectionist.

Personal Goals: Become an ordained priest, then become a bishop, while doing that he wants to research the history of horticulture and the history of human engineering (not dwarven nor gnomish) and write a series of books on the subjects.

Personality: Very serious, he is a straight arrow; this is the kid who was the hall monitor in middle school. We have rules for a reason, dammit. He is competitive and driven and he is very intolerant of those that either do not seek to better themselves or roll over and accept second best. He is notably prejudiced against the lower castes and especially the disfranchised and homeless. He is a patriot to the Alliance, a defender of the Throne, a staunch worshiper of the Light, and a stickler for personal responsibility and the support of the social contract. He is friendly within his peer group but tends to be a bit haughty and self-impressed around others. If he thinks he is better than you he generally has no problems making you know he feels this way.

Family Background: Fourth child (of six) of a well-to-do Stormwind family. They’ve been in Stormwind for generations (excluding that unpleasantness where they were temporarily forced to relocate to Lordaeron). The Freemen family is a name that goes back to the Arathor Empire and had once been the landholders of the area that now holds the Northfold Manor in Arathi. Though they lost their physical land holdings they remain a strong family in the Alliance and in Stormwind.

Biography: Dennis grew up in Stormwind, along with most of his brothers and his one younger sister, and has never been out of the Elwynn in his life. His family does occasionally take the tram to Ironforge to visit friends there, but beyond this he has not gone outside Ironforge of the forests of his homeland.

His parents are very demanding and upright sorts, as their family has been for centuries. Everything the children do is a reflection upon them, therefore their children must excel in school, in society, in whatever it is they attempt. Competition among the siblings was often rather cutthroat, as the best way to distract attention from your own shortcomings is to point out someone else’s. Therefore flaws or mistakes must be hidden whenever possible, lest your siblings use it as leverage to make themselves look superior.

Baron Dexter Freemen is a diplomat, a knight, and current member of the Court of Stormwind. He served King Llane Wrynn I and he has supported Varian Wrynn since the current king was just a prince. The Baron continues to be a stern but devoted member of the Kingdom of Azeroth. He receded from public office during the time Anduin was the boy-king, as he suspected there was collusion in the court. He was one of those that accompanied Varian Wrynn to liberate the boy from the clutches of the Dragon-Mother Onxyia and has been seen as a part of the Royal Court since the return of the King to his throne. He is a no-nonsense man with a cool demeanor and a sharp tongue. In spite of his age he is still sturdy and skilled with a shield and a sword.

There are five brothers and one sister in this family. There are also three uncles and one aunt by direct blood ties to Baron Freemen, all being younger than the Baron.

Donald is the eldest and is a knight and a commander in the army of Stormwind. Donald is currently serving in Dreanor as a Brigade Commander.

Douglass is the second child and is also a knight, however he is serving in Stormwind and due to his experience as a marine is captain of a ship in the Allaince Navy out of Stormwind, the frigate East Wind.

David is the third child and is a barrister (a lawyer allowed to advocate in the high court) and scholar. He, like Dennis, has never ventured beyond the Elwynn.

His parents thought having a priest in the family would be prestigious, and a family friend within the clergy pulled some strings to make sure Dennis gained a spot in Church school, where he was educated in both religious and secular studies. Like all of his family Dennis worked hard, sometimes harder than any of his peers, to rise to the top of his class and remain there through his formative years. He seldom went home, even when he was allowed, and did everything in his power to endear himself to his superiors and the ranking priests. He went to seminary as a neophyte a full three years ahead of where he normally would, such was his unflinching devotion to the Light and the Church. There in seminary he met Bishop Randel, who gave the young man unaccustomed praise for his hard work and achievements. Dennis quickly became a staunch devotee of the bishop and remains devoted to this day.

Delvis is the fifth child and is studying arcane magic in Stormwind. Like all the Freemen children he is exceeding expectations.

Daphne is the last child and the only daughter of the Baron Freemen. She is still just a child and has already been put into an arranged marriage to secure ties between the Freemen family and another powerful and influential family in the Alliance.

Physical Description: Average height, sandy hair, always well-dressed and well-groomed with whatever clothing is appropriate for the occasion.
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I like the theme of how all their names start with D. It reminds me of how Ned Flanders' family all have names that rhyme with "God."
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Well, I figured a domineering father, with an old family name and a strong connection to the social scene, would probably be one of those fathers that made sure his children were undeniably Freemen. Listing a family where all the siblings share his initials seemed a good way to represent that.

Note that I did not mention the mother? ;) She is still alive, still around, but she is not a strong presence in the family. The Baron wouldn't tolerate a wife that was not totally submissive to his will, and it is a setting where I can easily see females being often relegated to roles of that kind. To being a Baroness in title but a wife in occupation. Mother and caretaker of the home.

Dennis does not often mention his mother. He still loves her but he has adopted the methodology of his father and does not see her as being someone that one should talk about. He is quick to defend her, and all women, but this does stem from a misogynistic ideology that often infects those from a wealthy feudal family.

In spite of this I still really like the character. ;) He will make a good antagonist for Zantoris.
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#11396721 Sharina Sylversword wrote:

In spite of this I still really like the character. ;) He will make a good antagonist for Zantoris.

Yep, the more I get to know him, the more impressed I am with Zan's restraint in not tossing him into the Canal.
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