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Every month, the Vanquishers hold a Guild Raffle with prizes ranging from rare mounts to gold to pets. To be entered in the raffle you must simply be:
  • At least the Squire rank or higher within the guild.
  • Have some sort of log in activity during that month.
  • Attended at least one guild event that month on one of your characters.
  • Did not win the previous month.

Previous month's winners will be removed from the raffle the following month but they will be reentered the month after. For example: If you win in January, you and your alts will be removed from February's raffle but reentered for the raffle in March.

Remember that prizes are fully yours to keep as you see fit; sell it, trade it or destroy it. There are no ties attached.

Prizes will be announced prior to the raffle and will consist of one winner. As we grow, this will change to two or three. The raffle will be done in guild chat OOCly (Out of character) and will be 100% randomly chosen that evening. You do not need to be online to win. Winners will receive their prize in the mail immediately following the raffle unless otherwise spoken to.

Initiates will not be entered in raffles.

If you have any suggestions message me or place them in the comments below. Otherwise, Good Luck Everyone!
May the Light guide you.
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