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Images to the Slideshow and Site

  • From the Front Page look along the tabs across the top page. Click on the tab labeled 'Media'
  • OR you can look at the right side at the IMAGE SLIDESHOW and click on the link labeled 'more'. BOTH links will bring you to the Site Gallery.
  • Select the proper category labeled.
  • Once you select your category, just upload your image from your PC and it will appear in our gallery and slideshow!

Images in Forums

This may be a bit more complicated but once you know how, it will be easy to post images in the forums with ease!

If you have not already, please upload the image you wish to post in the forums to the Site Gallery. The how is just above.

  • Click on your image posted in the Site Gallery.
  • 'RIGHT CLICK' on the image.
  • Once you have done this, go to the forum you wish to post your image.
  • Once ready to post or replay your image, just select 'POST' or 'REPLY'.
  • You will appear on a page where you are able to type out your text like in a word document. If you look along the text bar, you will see an image of what appears like a mountain with a sun. It will also be the 8th button left to right. If you over over it, it will say "IMAGE [Ctrl + P]". This will have a small window appear with a text bar.
  • In this bar, RIGHT CLICK.
  • Select "PASTE" from the drop bar.
  • Click "OK".
  • Once done, you will see a long text. Just ignore that. Your image will appear just as mine does:
May the Light guide you.
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