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Brawl Competition Information

Zykla / Apr 30, 2016
Due to lack of attendance but interest from others to still hold the event, I will be moving this event and allow more planning to take place for everyone. The official new date will be announced after this Month's Guild Meeting.

Vanquishers! Come test your strength against others to see who is the strongest in a competition! Invite your friends, test your strength, and enjoy brews!

((This will be an rp fight to allow anyone to use any character they wish. At the beginning of each round, we will /roll. Highest roll will win that fight. Players must role-play out the fight within reason. Just because you are to win DOES NOT mean you have to hit every time NOR do you dodge all hits. Just because you are to lose DOES NOT mean you must allow yourself to be hit NOR do you have to lose at all instantly. Make it entertaining. Enjoy yourself! Players may whisper to one another but must always be polite. ANY FORM OF VERBAL ABUSE OR FOUL LANGUAGE TARGETED AT ANOTHER PLAYER WILL CAUSE FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. RP curses may be used within reason and within character context. We will reschedule if attendance is low. You may invite anyone you wish to attend. They DO NOT need to be within the guild to compete. Alts are allowed to attend if you wish to switch between characters.))


1st Place: 5,000 gold

2nd Place: 2,500 gold

3rd Place: 1,000 gold

Best of luck everyone!


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