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Guild Meeting (7/15/2015): Scheduling Updates

Zykla / Jul 25, 2016
At our most recent guild meeting, it was brought up to change our events due to raiding groups who will begin around Legion time will be often away on these days. I have moved events to Friday evenings (6-7 PM Server) in order to allow for those who have scheduling complications on Saturdays will no longer run into this issue. Remember we do wish to appeal to everyone's schedules. If you were unable to attend the meeting last Friday (July 15th) and Friday evenings are not good for you, please let me know so I can see what can be done so as many as possible can attend main events.

Due to Legion's pre-patch and the decline of attendance, I will be adjusting the events that are held and simply move them down to a maximum of two (2) events per-week with one remaining as a guild meeting. This will change as attendance and ideas change. Remember you are always free to host and hold your own events as long as you are a Vanquisher or higher rank! Simply give others a few days before the event is intended to be held and don't conflict with previously set guild events unless otherwise permitted.

Thank you to all who attended! The next guild meeting will be held at the Blue Recluse in the Mage District of Stormwind on Friday (July 29th) at 7 PM (Server)!



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