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Guild Meeting (9/23/16)

Zykla / Sep 24, 2016
Location: Legerdemain Lounge, Dalaran

IC Content ((In-Character Content))

Congratulations and Welcome to our newest Vanquisher Valandril!

  • We discussed finding a new location for meetings. A Guild Hall will be founded but until then, we will begin meeting the week after next at the Beer Gardens within the Greyfang Enclave until this hall can be found.
  • Calls for missions and aid will begin to be answered. All Vanquishers who have signed up for this call please keep an eye on your mailbox.
  • We will begin travels in Highmountain to aid the natives of the area against the Legion's assaults. ((This will be the RP lvling that will meet once a week.))
  • We will be hosting an Open Hallow's Event event! Please send all ideas to Zykla ((or post them on the assigned form here.))


OOC Content ((Out-of-Character Content))

  • RP Lvlving will begin this month. We will meet weekly but feel no pressure to join. Drop in and drop out as you need!
  • The idea of starting a Guild Story line is still tabled for now. This will be brought back up upon the success of the current events.
  • Those who have signed up for The Missions List will begin receiving calls. These will remain small groups and not everyone will be called out at once.
  • Any ideas for our Guild's Home location will be accept.
  • The Recruitment Rewards will be starting back up.
  • I would like to host an Open RP event for Hallows end, as shown above. Please post all of your ideas on the forum page or message them to Zykla


Welcome to our new Squires Arde, Demicloud, Hemaji, Illage, and Jalarden

Thank you to all of you who attended. Our next meeting will be held October 7th the week after next at the Dalaran Beer Gardens within the Greyfang Enclave at 7 PM (Server)!

-Zykla Clearwood


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