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Guild Meeting! (12/9/16)

Zykla / Dec 09, 2016
IC Information
Location: Guild Hall (Dandred's Fold) in Hillsbrad Foodhills

Vanquishers, I thank you all who were able to attend but understand any who were unable to. Here is summarized information that was missed:

  • Welcome to our new Squires: Zyfox, Xstream, Mchammer, Mnmz!
  • Congratulations to Constance and Tinclaws for their Vanquisher promotion offer!
  • Each member is here to aid anyone who many need any help. That includes all inside of our ranks as well.
  • It should be noted that Crossmen Representative Commander Graggar Harrington is ill and will remain in a private room within the Greyfang Enclave for anyone who wishes to visit. He is still ill and has not woken from his sleep.
  • It should be noted that Justin McHammer will be off on contract for a months time beginning next week.
  • Please send any suggestions regarding the Guild's Feasts of Winter's Veil Party to Zykla (Me)! All ideas will be taken into consideration!
  • Secret Santa Time! Anyone who wishes to participate, please let Zykla (Me) know! I will attempt to reach out to everyone but apologize if I miss anyone!
  • Congratulations to the Trinketson family on their new shop in Ironforge! Please message Bonago for all information regarding the shop! Make sure to take a moment and stop by if you happen to be in the area!

Thank you all so much who were able to attend. I greatly look forward to meeting with you all again. We will have a Winter's Veil Party next week and then break for the holidays! Til' next week!

~Zykla Clearwood
Luminary of Vanquishers


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