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Congratulations Hobwin, Kartanian, and Mnmz!

Zykla / Dec 12, 2016
Due to Winter's Veil, this month will be a special three (3) prizes! Thank you all for being apart of the Vanquishers! Check out this page for more information on rules and entry for the guild raffles!

Congratulations to our special Winter's Veil Guild raffle winners!

Round One consisting of 500 gold to Hobwin!

Round Two consisting of a Personal World Destroyer goes to Kartanian!

Round Three consisting of a Coalfist Gronnling goes to Mnmz!

Remember, raffle prizes are yours to use as you see fit. You have no obligation. You will be removed from next month's raffle to assure fairness as will your known alts but you will be re-entered the following month in Febuary.

Best of luck to all of you next month!


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