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Rules & Ranks
Rules and Ranks of the Vanquishers:

General Rules:

  1. Use netiquette.
  2. No God-modding.
  3. Do not create God-modded antagonists.
  4. Do not powerplay.
  5. Do not auto-hit.
  6. Do not assign damage.
  7. Do not metagame.
  8. Do not metagame personal histories.
  9. Do not canon-chain.
  10. Do not mix IC life with OOC life.
  11. Do not lorebreak.
  12. Limit lorebending.
  13. Do not insist upon RP.
  14. Do not be afraid to deny RP.
  15. Be very careful of triggers.
  16. Ask before ERPing.
For more detailed information, see this post.

Rules for RP in the Vanquishers:

  1. Remember the NPC's
  2. Keep a sense of realism
  3. Your characters do not all have to be strong
  4. Your characters are not all powerful
  5. Have a balanced character
  6. You are not a part of the main story arch involving the NPCs
  7. Keep Role-Playing fighting realistic
  8. If your story involves lore bending, present it ahead of time to avoid surprises
  9. Even with a lore-bending story, don't present it to other RP Guilds
  10. This is like improv, please attempt to agree with other's stories
  11. Be polite
  12. Antagonists always have an end
  13. No rape, period
  14. Not all stories need to be major stories
  15. Keep Tavern Night story free
  16. Be inclusive
  17. Keep Guild Chat PG13
  18. We move in real time
  19. If you have any issues, let an officer or the guild head know!
For more detailed information, see this post on the forums.

Ranks within the Vanquishers:
  • Initiate: This is the lowest rank within the guild and is more of a temporary rank. Used to see if you are a good fit for our guild. No tabard.
  • Squire: Once the character becomes a Squire, they will be requested to check out our Creed and Virtues (RP-wise), join in on events, and prove themselves trustworthy to one or more members of our organization. Once the character is deemed worthy, he/she will participate in our Raising Ceremony to full Vanquisher.
  • Vanquisher: Full member of the guild. Wears the Guild Tabard to show rank. One can choose to go on and join one of our three specializations: Hospitaller/Lazari/Crossmen (They wear the Illustrious Guild Tabard to show rank).
  • Hospitaller/Lazari/Crossmen:Each of these are fully equal and necessary in battling the forces against us. Hospitaller Rank is for those who are more healers and caregivers with the Honor Guard lead being Ateur. Lazari Rank is for the diplomats and scholars who feel their attributions are best done away from the battle field with the Honor Guard lead being Desinique. Crossmen Rank is for the adventurers and soldiers who are best fit using their brute strength against the enemies with the Honored Guard lead of Graggar. These can be easily changed based upon character stories/desires but each branch will require a personal quest assigned after the Vanquisher's Raising Ceremony
  • Honor Guard: Officers of the guild and old founding members. Also double as Mentors. Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to denote rank.
  • Second/Harbringer/Praetor: Second-in-Command of the guild. Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to denote rank.
  • Luminary: Leader of the guild. Wears the Renowned Guild Tabard to denote rank.
For more information, see this post on the forums.