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(Nov 25, 2015)
I, have, attempted to recruit not too long ago but only got one bite who got mad when they didn't have guild bank access and quit. I'm going to try again but attempt to keep our level.
(Nov 25, 2015)
Aside from that, you, me, and Graggar, and Teranna are all that's left.
(Nov 25, 2015)
That was my fault. There are 2 who are on and off. One can only get on on Tusedays and Thursdays because thats the only days she has off.
(Nov 23, 2015)
Since the last mass exodus of players is there really anyone left in the guild? Besides Zykla and myself?
(Nov 23, 2015)
I was on for the event the other night, the guild meeting before that, and a guild meeting last month. Nobody showed.
(Nov 16, 2015)
Apologies for being so behind on posting on the site. For some reason, my browser was making my computer crash but I've fixed it. I'll be taking these next few days to update here. Thanks for being patient!
(Oct 20, 2015)
Please Welcome the Legends of Old into our ranks! I'm glad to have them enter our guild!
(Oct 16, 2015)
(Oct 16, 2015)
Yes Sgarina Sylversword i was a old Vanquisher. one of my toons names was vorhon, another wolfflordd. and griwolff.
(Sep 28, 2015)
I'm back! Sorry it took a day or so.
(Sep 25, 2015)
I lost my phone in the river a few days ago which had my authenticator on it. For now I can't log in. I've just submitted a ticket to get it removed so I should be on soon enough after I can verify who I am.
(Sep 21, 2015)
You were an old Vanquisher... which old Vanquisher? If I may ask.
(Sep 21, 2015)
Do we have any PVPers over here, want to get a event going weekly for it and i dont have many in my guild?
(Sep 18, 2015)
We arent really a Casual Raiding guild, we are more just a laid back and just have fun, we RP,PVP,Raid, mainly just want to have fun and make friends along the way, i myself is a old Member of the Vanquishers Guild
(Sep 16, 2015)
Don't forget the Rose Ball is this weekend! Great fun RP!
(Sep 16, 2015)
We have made an alliance with the Legends of Old. They are the Casual raiding group I told you guys about. I hope you guys enjoy!
(Sep 01, 2015)
I deeply apologize for being away as long as I have been. I want to assure you that things will becoming more consistant now that summer acctivities are over.
(Aug 31, 2015)
I hope everyone is doing well!
(Aug 26, 2015)
Don't worry. Its better to have a break and enter fresh then attempt to force yourself through and end up hating it.
(Aug 25, 2015)
I haven't been on much myself, new job has got me busy and when I get home I just don't want to be on the computer any more. A break is good sometimes.