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(Jul 31, 2015)
Bant's story is also one that would be the longest and would have me checking lore left and right... xD would be hard, though Bant has a fun story for what I have made up in my head so far, all of which I have cross referenced and such.
(Jul 31, 2015)
Well with any of my characters, they all have points where they involve with one another, Ateur being Bants son, and Meakan having his connection with both Bant and Ateur. Though they have their individual stories.
(Jul 31, 2015)
Meakan, as he has the most impact on Syl's world. ;) But really, can you do Meakan and not do Bant? And really, of the three I'm most drawn to Ateur... but again, can you do him without doing Bant?
(Jul 31, 2015)
This Weekend I'm planning on going for a hardcore write up of one of my three main characters. Ateur, Bant, or Meakan? Which do you all think I should do a timeline for first?
(Jul 31, 2015)
I'm going to put a pause on the timelines just for now. I've received a few and need to go over them. PLEASE continue to send me your timelines just know anything sent after today may take some time to post while I go through the current ones.
(Jul 28, 2015)
Posted a thread. Just waned to say i'll miss you guys.
(Jul 21, 2015)
The Blizzard Guild timeline is complete. I will be accepting and adding in Guild timeline information now.
(Jul 20, 2015)
Amazing job thus far. ;) Very very well done.
(Jul 20, 2015)
I am currently posting the Blizzard timeline and will promptly follow with edited guild timeline information.
(Jul 19, 2015)
My timeline is done, only took me all day, and I pmed it to you.
(Jul 18, 2015)
I'm going to accept stories now. Please check out my newest forum post for details.
(Jul 18, 2015)
I'll happily include the Sylversword events for a comparison. Just let me know which Bliz-based timeline you want to follow, as I have seen a few that don't totally mesh.
(Jul 18, 2015)
I'm going to be working on a 'Vanquishers' timeline. Anything relating to official story such as the Meakan, Burning, Shards, ect. Please PM me with any details you want added to the line!
(Jul 07, 2015)
My favorite RP weakness came from a GURPS system: "Weirdness Magnet."
(Jul 06, 2015)
Very in detph "claps"
(Jul 06, 2015)
I'm in the process of reading it. It may take me some time to read through it all but thank you for posting.
(Jul 05, 2015)
My list of weaknesses and flaws has finally been completed. Check it out.
(Jun 23, 2015)
New announcement in the news just below. Keep an eye out everyone!
(Jun 20, 2015)
Officers, I have done the weekly update on the Squires. I have made a few changes so check them out!
(Jun 16, 2015)
Oh I already sent it. You can put it back in the bank if you want.